Bio: Love, truth & faith have allowed me to finally start to live My Life! I now have made peace with my past, and have no regrets about anything. I have found the healing and understanding that I needed, to enable me to move forwards. It has taken me years of searching for answers, but I always knew I would find what I needed to enable me to Live My Truth! I know so many people are searching for a way forwards in their lives. Too many are stuck in darkness, not knowing where to find help. I want to shine a light to guide them to be able to find their way home. To illuminate the darkness and fear that this world creates. I hope to inspire others, to find the answers their souls are searching for. I believe we can help ourselves by helping others. We are all human beings on Earth at this point in time. There are no barriers when we see mother earth from space. The 'so-called' differences of race, color, creed, sexuality, religion, politics, class, wealth, education , etc, etc, are all man-made. Every human being is equal. Everyone deserves love and understanding. Through this blog, I hope to give love back to every person who ever reads my posts. Once a person is touched by love, miracles can happen. Love is stronger than fear, and there are too many people living in fear in this world. Smile, love, be grateful for what little you have, appreciate the beauty in nature, be kind, meditate, pray. All these can lead you to experience the love & joy you deserve in your life. I want to help you to find your way to live each day with peace, joy and love in your heart. If I can do it, so can you! I will share my stories, my inspirations, my insights, and my shortcuts with you all. My amazing triumphs, and the best life-lessons I learnt from the worst moments of despair. I believe in each of you. Please Never give up. You were born to be loved, and I will help you find the success you completely deserve. God bless & Namaste xxx

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