Why it helps to face your fears!

It has to be said that our fears feel like they are a very personal part of ourselves.  When we can expand our awareness we often find that many others may actually fear the same things. There is so much that cause people fear, and often quite unpronounceable names for the certain fears! The list covers everything. Fear of flying, cats, dogs, insects, birds, dirt, buses, etc, etc.

The list of our fears may be long or short. They may be common fears, or highly unusual ones. Our fear may range from being uncomfortable with something, to being totally unable to talk, think or deal with it at all.

I was now going to say that the best advice I’ve been given by far, is to come to terms with facing your fear.  If you can learn to even shift perspective about it slightly, then that is your first ‘Baby-step’ to overcoming your issue. It is a step that will enable you to gradually start towards shifting how you feel about it.

There is no hard and fast set of rules, but slowly and gradually examining your fears will give you the opportunity to come across ways to find new insights and perspectives which in time may help you .

The magic begins when you discover new ways and ideas on changing your thought patterns. This allows you to change your approach because you are beginning to take control of your emotions, rather than your emotions being in control of you.

It stops your fear from defining you, for example  ‘Oh here comes Mary! She’s that one that’s frightened of ……….?’

You can stop being the victim letting fear hold you back, and eventually gain your control back. It is a great triumph when you have mastered what has held you back.

I was just about to say that running away from your fears never helps in the long run! Life has a habit of bringing them back into your life again and again until you are ready to face them,  embrace them and move forward!

I wholeheartedly believe what I have written, however at the time of writing, I cannot say my son shares my sentiments! He may be  6 foot 4″ tall, and at 21 thinks he’s the man of the house, but whilst I was writing this one of his fears has just turned up!

He’s just encountered a ‘Huge’ spider in his bedroom (Really?) lol. Thinking I was asleep, he’s tried to deal with getting it out himself. (I’m having a proud moment!.) However……the spider gave chase and ran at him on the bed, before obviously putting his cloak of invisibility on!

Still not giving up, brave Dan has totally trashed his bedroom whilst trying to find it.

I guess he’s fallen back on the ‘Running from your problems’ solution, and was last seen heading downstairs to the safety of the sofa with his pillows and duvet!

The moral of this appears to be that we are all free to choose how to deal with fear! I’m now speaking as the ‘One’ who has to go spider catching, and suddenly the thought of confronting a pissed-off, big hairy spider sounds like a stupid idea! Yup, I’m not a spider fan either, so the running away option doesn’t sound like a bad idea!

Wish me luck! x


Turn those High Vibes back On!

We are constantly reminded the importance of living a life where we consciously choose to maintain a high vibration.  The benefits of raising our frequency will improve every area of our life. The feelings of joy, love & gratitude help to maintain our positive attitude throughout the day.
However positive you feel there is bound to be times when you will encounter all kinds of problems in your life. Some simple problems may not even affect you at all. Other times you may be able to resolve them immediately, and your positive mindset will return.
Sometimes however, the problem may not be so easy to deal with. Allowing yourself the feelings of anger and resentment will not be  helpful attitudes, as they are adding more negative energy to the issue. Avoiding, denying or ignoring tactics never works in the long-term either.
These are often the deeply rooted problems that may often be caused by limiting beliefs, blockages, fear, trauma or pain, etc. The problem will remain in the far more powerful subconscious mind, where it can continue to affect your life in many ways. The negative energy will lower your vibration, and further problems will continue over time.
The first and most powerful step is to Accept the problem exists. The moment you do this, the issues are brought into your conscious mind where you can deal with them. The Act of taking Responsibility shows an Intent and commitment to healing the pain/ fear/ trauma, etc by finding the root cause where the issues begun. This may involve the possibility of looking into past lives & genetics being addressed, with a view to healing on all levels.
 The problem may be addressed yourself if you have the experience to know what to do.    If the problems turn out to be much harder than you can deal with, it could be the best idea to get advice and support.  There is vast information and helpful modalities available regarding the problems you are experiencing. Finding how far back the root cause may be will be crucial in dealing with the issue.
In most circumstances like these, I would certainly get help if you need it. Personally I recommend Sacred Activation to clear back to the root cause of the problem. The energy then no longer exists to cause further problems.

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