Turn those High Vibes back On!

We are constantly reminded the importance of living a life where we consciously choose to maintain a high vibration.  The benefits of raising our frequency will improve every area of our life. The feelings of joy, love & gratitude help to maintain our positive attitude throughout the day.
However positive you feel there is bound to be times when you will encounter all kinds of problems in your life. Some simple problems may not even affect you at all. Other times you may be able to resolve them immediately, and your positive mindset will return.
Sometimes however, the problem may not be so easy to deal with. Allowing yourself the feelings of anger and resentment will not be  helpful attitudes, as they are adding more negative energy to the issue. Avoiding, denying or ignoring tactics never works in the long-term either.
These are often the deeply rooted problems that may often be caused by limiting beliefs, blockages, fear, trauma or pain, etc. The problem will remain in the far more powerful subconscious mind, where it can continue to affect your life in many ways. The negative energy will lower your vibration, and further problems will continue over time.
The first and most powerful step is to Accept the problem exists. The moment you do this, the issues are brought into your conscious mind where you can deal with them. The Act of taking Responsibility shows an Intent and commitment to healing the pain/ fear/ trauma, etc by finding the root cause where the issues begun. This may involve the possibility of looking into past lives & genetics being addressed, with a view to healing on all levels.
 The problem may be addressed yourself if you have the experience to know what to do.    If the problems turn out to be much harder than you can deal with, it could be the best idea to get advice and support.  There is vast information and helpful modalities available regarding the problems you are experiencing. Finding how far back the root cause may be will be crucial in dealing with the issue.
In most circumstances like these, I would certainly get help if you need it. Personally I recommend Sacred Activation to clear back to the root cause of the problem. The energy then no longer exists to cause further problems.

Akashic records can also offer insights on causes and reasons why it happened. You will be in a much stronger position as everything is cleared and energetically removed completely. This will  heal the whole situation as  the negative energy no longer exists which caused the feelings of pain/ fear/ trauma, etc to be triggered before.
It will allow an amazing shift in your life as the root cause of the problem is healed and removed. The deep healing will work on many layers to end the fear/ pain/ trauma completely,  The root cause no longer exists, so is unable to appear again.
Allowing the feeling of joy, celebration and gratitude to be felt will immediately raise the vibration again. Positive attitudes can once again be restored!
The lesson is don’t be afraid to confront difficulties and problems. See them as challenges which may offer you to heal some aspect of yourself. Take responsibility for everything that shows up in your life, and this awareness will open you up to the solutions to your problem.  By consciously choosing to learn lessons and heal aspects of your life, you will raise your vibration even further,
By D Lord
(This is my own view at the time of writing. Be open to your own interpretations which will resonate within your life at this point in time. Thank you & blessings x)

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