Finding your true path

I realized a long time ago that there will always be people who are smarter than me. As a teenager I remember how annoyed I used to feel knowing that whatever I did, I would never be ‘Smart’ enough. The competitive schooling where I felt my worth was judged on my marks. I always believed that I was somehow lacking in my intelligence, and a little better than average at very best.

The way we compare ourselves to others is often the driving force which governs every aspect of so many of our lives. We spend our whole time programmed into this never-ending competition, which so often results in our failure. We may always strive to be better than our classmates. We are encouraged to feel good that we did better than some of our friends, yet we are also discouraged to know we were not as intelligent as others. We often judge ourselves more harshly than others judge us. We show ourselves no compassion for the difficulties we overcome, because we are already focused on our next obstacle or difficulty.

So often this competitiveness continues for the rest of our lives. We can easily find ourselves on a continuous cycle where everything we do in life is affected by the need to be better than other people. We can be continually stressed with everything in our life.   We never celebrate our accomplishments, as there is always another mountain to climb. The constant stress governs our lifestyle choices, the position we hold at work, our homes and families, our cars and material worth and even our core beliefs about who we actually are. Our worthiness and lives are easily tainted and spoiled when we are left feeling that we should have done better and tried harder, yet still failed to do as well as some of our peers.

A lifetime of chasing unrealistic ambitions and goals can consume a person’s life force very quickly. Constantly judging your own abilities and worthiness is soul destroying. The overwhelming fear of others judging your perceived weaknesses and limitations will never bring feelings of joy and success into your life. The unbalanced lifestyle stops us from ever finding our true purpose in life.  We often leave this lifetime unfulfilled and unhappy. Even in death we feel we are judged on material wealth and the assets we leave behind.

The truth is that we don’t have to play the game of life by those rules. This understanding is often hidden from our awareness, and many times it will never be consciously realized.

Once the opportunity of living life differently is acknowledged, our whole experience and life path can be altered in a single moment.  There is a promise that life is supposed to be a journey of love, joy and abundance. We can choose to open our awareness to the new revelations that show up in our lives.

The Universe/ God/ Source provides us with challenges and lessons which enrich our understanding of the true nature of reality. We now can understand that the obstacles are not intended to overwhelm us, or cause us to feel like we are failures. They are Divinely placed before us to give us the chance to realize our full potential and uncover our spiritual gifts. The knowledge we gain in every moment allows us to walk our life’s path with wisdom and integrity. Our soul is nurtured because we have the freedom to co-create the life we were born to live.

This pathway gives us the opportunity to expand our consciousness and live from our hearts, instead of being ruled by our Ego. All the time we are continuing our journey, we are offered opportunities to open our awareness to new understandings and higher knowledge.

Often the people we had judged and competed with before, will actually become our teachers, mentors and inspirational role models. The best of them are living their life in service to humanity. They engage with us at certain times on our journey to share their perspectives and understanding of the issues we may face. It’s through their encouragement and unconditional love that we learn to trust our intuition and find our truth. Their wisdom and knowledge is given as guidance for us to find the answers that will feel in alignment with our souls. They too are on this journey, and many of them know that we are all students on this path, as well as teachers here to help each other along the way.

The life that we now have the free-will to live will be balanced, supportive and loving.  We accept the commitment of learning and re-learning lessons that will enrich our lives. We now choose to experience and integrate the ever increasing knowledge that we come to understand. We are the Seekers of Wisdom, continually expanding our consciousness by raising our vibration until we come into alignment with the new information that then comes into our knowing.

We will become aware that life was meant to be a constant search for truth and opportunities to live in ease and flow guided by the Laws which govern the Universe. We are unique and perfect already, and have nothing to prove to anyone else.

We find that the experience of profound gratitude for everything we experience, brings us even more to be grateful for. We find peace when we realize that every moment of our life is perfect exactly the way it is. Everything we encounter is for our highest and greatest good, according to Divine Will. The more open and receptive we remain regarding the lessons and challenges we face, the more information and confirmations will come into our awareness.

The wisdom we have gained is blessed even more by the absolute certainty that the success we once believed was always beyond our reach, has been with us all the time. It is the energies we choose to feel in every moment. The unconditional Love, Joy & Abundance that freely flow into every aspect of our lives, and the lives of those around us. The ability to be of service to others, and feel empathy for our brothers and sisters. The compassion and forgiveness we extend to each other , and to ourselves This is the measure of a successful life.

(This is my own view at the time of writing. Be open to your own interpretations which will resonate within your life at this point in time. Thank you & blessings x)